Superior General’s letters

Please find here the list of the letters of the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X.


June 2006 - Superior General's Letter #69

June 03, 2006
The Church has been in a crisis since Vatican II because the priesthood has been slighted. This is one of the fundamental elements of this crisis. One of the most decisive points for the Church’s restoration is and will be the priesthood. Of all the churchmen of the 20th century, Archbishop Lefebvre was probably the one who understood this most clearly.  

September 2005 - Superior General's Letter #68

September 28, 2005
Celebrating the Centenary of Archbishop Lefebvre`s birth, let us examine the Archbishop`s answers to Cardinal Ottaviani`s questions concerning the situation in the Church. Liberal errors prior to the Second Vatican Council were condemned by the Popes but since the Council they are actually favored. Archbishop Lefebvre proposed a solution to the destruction of the Church which is still valid for the present.

December 2004 - Superior General's Letter #67

December 24, 2004
In these days when we celebrate the advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ, may the newborn Child cover you with his blessings. More than ever, we must all see with the eyes of faith and expect everything of Him. The letter we sent to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos in June expresses our unchanged position towards Rome.

June 2004 - Superior General's Letter #66

June 17, 2004
There are joys in the midst of this valley of tears! We rejoice at the spread of the Society’s apostolate which can be seen as a permanent miracle. We are saddened by the persecution of the Society of St. Josaphat and by the desecration of the Fatima Shrine. As long as Rome tolerates such things, they are distancing themselves from an accord with the Society. The Society thanks all of its benefactors and begs for prayers in these difficult times.

December 2003 - Superior General's Letter #65

December 07, 2003
The Church has just celebrated 25 years of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. During this time, more damage has been caused by the reforms of Vatican II, than did other events such as the French Revolution. Most of the reforms were made in the name of ecumenism which, explains Cardinal Kaspar, will destroy all that is strictly Catholic in the Church, not bring back the separated bretheren. Your prayers are asked for a group of Ukrainian priests and their parishioners who are being threatened with major excommunication.

July 2003 - Superior General's Letter #64

June 30, 2003
A non-catholic way of thinking has been the norm in the Church since Vatican II. This non-catholic way of thinking is the source of the destruction of all that is traditional. This new way of thinking has destroyed the religious and the priestly life. The Pope's encyclical on the Eucharist and Cardinal Castrillon`s Celebration of the Tridentine Mass are not a return to Tradition but rather a mixture of truth and error. Rome desires that we accept truth mixed with error as a condition of our “regularization”.

January 2003 - Superior General's Letter #63

January 05, 2003
In the eyes of Rome, the Campos-Rome agreement was merely meant to be the prelude to our own “regularization” in the Society of Saint Pius X, but in our eyes what is happening to our former friends should rather serve as a lesson to us. There is a desire on the part of some Vatican officials to put an end to the downhill slide. However, it is clear that the principle governing today’s Rome is still to put the Council into practice as has been done for the last 40 years. In this letter we will also tell you a little of our activity in the missionary countries of Lithuania and Kenya.

June 2002 - Superior General's Letter #62

June 06, 2002
Many priests, seminarians and newcomers are joining the Society but it is with sadness that we report that Campos has been lost to the Society. After drawing Campos away from the Society, Rome's Cardinal Castrillon seeks a dialogue with the Society. His actions which are described in detail in this letter have created a climate of distrust, and in this climate dialogue is impossible. Rome has caused the present crisis by deviating from the doctrine of the Church.

November 2001 - Superior General's Letter #61

October 31, 2001
We had the joy of seeing a magnificent church in the heart of Brussels restored to Catholic worship. It sums up where we are and what we are doing – restoring Catholic Tradition as best we can within the Church. Already a considerable number of priests, especially young ones, and even some bishops, are looking with favour upon our work. We represent an encouragement for them and a glimmer of hope, because many of them feel overwhelmed by discouragement, not to say despair, at seeing the indescribable obstinacy of so many bishops in preventing all rescue attempts.  

May 2001 - Superior General's Letter #60

May 04, 2001
The new language of the Second Vatican Council is being used to convey a new theology which contradicts what the Church has always taught. The Society has sought to lay the axe to the root of today's present crisis by bringing Rome back to sound doctrine but Rome has refused. Instead Rome desires a unity of communion without a unity of doctrine, a practical agreement, which the Society has consistently refused and that is why the Society has been marginalized.