Saint Mary's 2020 Fundraiser Restarted!

March 22, 2020
Source: Priory St Mary's

The 2020 Spring Fundraiser, which was suspended due to the Covid-19 situation, has been restarted!  Providentially, the pandemic situation, combined with the generosity of a group of donors offering up to $500,000 in matching funds, may allow us to change our fundraising model and make it easier for us to meet and even to exceed the overall total ever raised by this event.

Every donation during the fundraiser this year up to $500,000 will be doubled because of the extraordinarily generous matching-funds pledge. We have set a $500,000 goal for our student body; if we can meet that goal, then with the matching funds, we will raise $1,000,000!

Anyone can help, by either sponsoring a student or simply by making a donation to the fundraiser. Remember, any donation is worth double its value this year until we hit the $500,000 student goal. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The last day to turn in tickets or make donations for the fundraiser will be Monday August 10th. We plan to have the $25,000 prize drawing at 2:30 PM on the feast of St. Pius X (Thursday September 3rd) in the Auditorium as the new school year begins. Please visit our website at to see all the ways to give within this new donation model and how to help specific students or to make a general Spring Fundraiser donation.

As you know, the parish and the Academy share the same campus and so much of our work overlaps, both on and off campus. So, any help that you can give to the Academy supports the entire mission of the Society and its work for all the souls here in St. Marys.

In the Kingly Heart of Jesus

Fr. Patrick Rutledge