Feast of Christ the King

October 29, 2023

Join us for our Christ the King Festival in the Immaculata Parish Green!      

Are you interested in opening a booth representing a country to showcase international cultures and their proclaiming the Kingship of Christ in all Nations!

Booth registration forms are available here and in the church vestibule.

This is the parish’s largest event!

For  any questions contact Margaret Palmer at 785-230-2034 or email [email protected]

Mass and Procession Information: 9:30am Solemn Mass immediately followed by procession.

First Communicants of last year (current 2nd grade) are asked to wear their First Communion outfits and meet the Sisters in the St. Joseph Parish Hall before 9:15am.

Eucharistic Crusaders: Please arrive by 9:00am in St. Joseph Parish Hall to pick up your scapulars and sit together in reserved seating in the church. Return the scapulars after the procession.

New procession route: South on 2nd Street to Gideon’s Way down towards campus, west on Mission to 1st Street, continue west on Palmer to Moats Commons for the Benediction altar as usual. Proceed back north up 5th Street towards Alma, ending with the northbound walk up 2nd Street back to The Immaculata.

Flowers Petals: greatly needed and can be brought to the Immaculata Parish Office before Friday at 5:00pm.

Festival Information: Directly after the procession (approx. 12:00pm) until Vespers at 6:00pm, come enjoy the culture and cuisine of Catholic nationalities from around the globe! 
   New Festival Feature: The Passport Game!  Everyone, young and old, is encouraged to get a “passport” book so that as you visit each country’s booth and learn a bit about them, you can receive a stamp. Get all the stamps and you’re entered into a gift drawing — and have a festival souvenir as well!

Suggested Donation: $20/family with children up to 18 years old, $5/individual (all proceeds cover the expenses of the festival).


Due to weather conditions, the Christ the King procession has been cancelled and the festival rescheduled to next Sunday. Mass schedules on both Sundays will now remain as the usual, with the exception of the 6:30pm Mass being cancelled next Sunday. See the bulletin for full details.